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Judo/sambo are both contact sports and its necessary to obtain a licence to train after a trail period, this is so that you and the person you train with are properly insured, also allow you to compete in competitions Judo is very much about attitude and respect. It begins with learning and developing the right attitude which is EVERYTHING for success in life. Respecting the teachers and fellow students who we train with by looking after them and helping their advancement in the same way as others will do for us. The serious student can look forward to developing many strong bonds and friendships that are likely to last them a lifetime.

Standards and morals: The art of Judo promotes an ethos of respect and self-discipline where the student will be encouraged to be all they can be in every area of their life. Although judo requires a high level of discipline to advance to the higheist effort bedford grappling academy is a friendly and warm environment where children of all ages will quickly make friends and be encouraged to become the best that they can be by advancing at the speed which suits them.


Lesson Saturday morning

11.00 - 12.30


Lesson Saturday morning

9.15 - 10.45


Judo, Russian Sambo, Combat Sambo, Kurash, Submission, Wrestling, Self Defence

Affiliated and insured with International Budo Federation

British Combats Sombo Association

British Sambo Federation

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Russell Dodds

2nd Dan Judo

1st degree Combat Sombo

level 3 Judo Instructor

level 3 Sombo instructor

Physical fitness, Self Discipline


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