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Judo and Sombo

It’s GREAT fun: Almost EVERY child just loves to rough and tumble and what could be better than channeling their excess energy into a confidence-building skill that will benefit your child for the rest of their life.

Fitness: Judo/ Sombo as a sport helps builds psychical strength as well as agility and stamina . More importantly, it also helps to develop a strong character and a disciplined mind. It promotes lightening reactions, teaches creative strategy development and independent thought.

Self-confidence: Having the knowledge that you are VERY CAPABLE of defending yourself gives students HUGE levels of self-confidence which works its way into every area of their lives!

Self-discipline: Most students who are encouraged by their parents and want to advance in the sport usually have their eye firmly fixed on one day achieving a converted black belt. There are no shortcuts, and every belt or tab the students gain requires EFFORT and has to be earned. The higher the grade or belt the more effort that is required. This self-discipline often rubs off into other areas of the players  life.

The Dojo (the place where judo and Sombo is practiced) is a safe, healthy environment which leaves the serious student little time for mixing with those who may be a bad influence upon them or introduce them to unsocial habits. In fact judo/Sombo promotes and encourages leadership

Independence: Judo by its very ethos promotes and develops high levels of self-reliance within the student which once again rubs off into other areas for their life and schoolwork.

Character building: Many shy or timid children begin to blossom immediately after joining our club and learning the basic skills that begin to swell their levels of self-esteem.

Health and Safety Briefing Notes: 

To ensure adequate health and safety awareness, training is provided to all members on a regular basis and when a new member joins the club.  The following information is briefed to all club members and parents/guardians when joining.

Safety on the Mat:

Never wear shoes on the mat.

Come to the training session washed with a clean Gi.

Watch your space on the mat and if thrown get up quickly to avoid someone falling on you.

When seated, kneel or sit cross legged. Do not lean on the wall – you may not be able to get out of the way quickly enough.

Safety off the Mat:

Wear shoes at all times when off the mat.

Always ask permission to leave the mat.

After using the toilet, wash your hands.


Do not come to Judo if you are not fit enough to train.

If you come to a training session with an injury, inform the coach at the start of the session.

Do the exercises as shown; do what you can and do it well but not to the point of straining.

If you are hurt, inform the Coach immediately.

Keep your medical form up to date.

Have a current Ibf license – it is your insurance.